brand philosophy
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  • The happiness in the life is not a thing born by a special day.
    Casual everyday small joy, comfort, sense of fulfilment, impression...
    Daily small happiness piles up and may sublimate to the happiness of the life before long. A thing bringing up such an everyday small happiness is a role of the furniture in the living.The existence that kitchen furniture supporting the days when the family is healthy brings up happiness in the most imminent place.Therefore "the beauty of the business" that came from such a kitchen furniture in a Japanese sense of beauty deeply thought that, in other words, thought of "the beauty that there was in utility" was important, and Pamouna came facing the making of furniture. The beauty that is about to accuse at sense of values in the heart of the person not to only pursue a functional thing, and to employ.If I possess a beautility, the joy of the person to employ, feeling of satisfaction is surely provided the feel.There beyond the assent of the person to employ that the furniture to aim at of Pamouna did it this way. The furniture that it is impressed a person to use it. I always pursued a design, quality being aware of the impression.
  • Therefore Pamouna reflected furniture from the situation of the person to employ without being seized with structure, a design, a concept and the common sense of the industry including the selection of material not to mention a design.The posture arrived at originality, innovativeness only in Pamouna and was tied to the making of furniture which arose sympathy from the person to employ.Because it is Pamouna today when I established the position as the leading company of the industry, it is passion to mend the furniture which there is only in enacted furniture, Pamouna and is inherited.Continuing making furniture impressed to a person to employ with a pride as interior innovator from now on.And quality, the durability that the impression does not turn into are safe, and, one year and three years and ten years later, go through feelings.I notice it without depending on the viewpoint called the leading company simply because it is a leading company when responsible with a bigger role, and Pamouna pushes on for the making of furniture from now on.
    In order to become the higher index.